Gate 194
Fashion Store

Gate is located in a classical Berlin Courtyard Situation in two 19th Centry buildings called "Remisen" that used to house a smith Workshop. Within the Backdrop of the heritage protected buildings we placed a very clean space, creating a contrast to the romantic image usually associated with a classical courtyard in Berlin. The interior metal structure translates the traditional smith work into contemporary industrial metal works.

A grid of 1m x 1m is inserted into the irregular shape of the old buildings covering floor walls and ceiling. This contrast is exaggerated by a void between the grid and the existing structure filled with gravel.

The design is based on the contrast of the artifical and the organic. The interior relies purely on anorganic Materials: Marble, Aluminum, stainless steel and Glass. Within this industrial setting  the only  organic material are living plants fostered in a technological flower bed.

The desaturated shades of grey of the materials allow the flowers and products to shine.

The vertical meadow runs through all three spaces, left building, outdoor area and right buidling and creates a continuous relation between them. An aluminium grid catwalk connects the two entrances.

The rectangular pipes of raw aluminium appear heavy and light at the same time as their hollowness is discovered while walking through the space.


We designed a modular shelf system based on the industrial grids used in the interior. The boards and cubes can be placed freely along the metal grids without using any tools.


You will find the dressing room.



A Showroom is reserved for art Installations, currently on display is an installation by the Berlin artist collective 97 cm.


Design: plus 4930 Architektur Sierig Geddert Krüger


Date: 2019


Client: Gate


Commision: Interior and Furniture Design, construction supervision


Location:  Köpenicker Str. 194   10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Projektteam:  Florian Geddert, Marco van Bentum,  Johannes Sierig, Rene Krüger,


Metal Furniture: Steeltown Metalldesign


Aluminium Grid: Rotec


Marble Works: Gebauer


Green Walls: Vertical Green Design


Carpenter/Kitchen: Offcut


Sanitary Installation: Lehof Bad


Electrical installation: Gedis


Ligthing: GKW Lichtdesign


Lighting: ERCO Lecuhten


Security System: WG Global