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Taiwan Tower

Beitrag zum internationalen Realisierungswettbewerb des „Taiwan Tower“

Competition Entry Taiwan Tower

Due to the flexibel programm of Taiwan Tower functions we are proposing a highly fexibel architecture and technical infrastructure, that is able to intelligently adapt to changes in programm and technical development. Since the tower is an experimental field for frontier green technologies we have to expect constant updates of the technological systems installed in the tower.

To allow these updates, the tower consists of a concrete structural core and lightweight structure inlays that house the functions.


These Cocoon like inlays are constructed as prefabricated elements and will be adjusted seperatly to the necessary requirements regarding insulation, climate control and technical equipment. This allows an optimization of the use of resources since only the minimum construction necessary will be build and optimized to the assigned usage.

The tower structure contains a vertical axis of installation running through the complete tower to which the installed cocoons are plugged independantly. In order to receive maximum benefits from the Green technologies researched in the single units each unit is drafting basic techniques from the installation axis but can also work as an autartic unit.

References of the formal Structure

The coral like Shape of the concrete core can be understood as both: a gesture of aknowledgeing the supremacy of the algotihms of natural growth as well as a reference to the special location of Taiwain in the pacific Ocean. In this “ natural” structure the artificial cocoons are nested as artefacts of the strive to find back to a symbiotic relationship to nature.

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